Services. We are committed partners who bring decades of experience and industry knowledge to every stage of the sales and marketing process. We are as enthusiastic about the first sale as we are the last.

Project Strategy & Sales

Results driven campaigns.

We bring big ideas to the table and manage every aspect of every campaign from concept to completion. We are committed to constantly providing feedback and re-evaluating marketing and advertising campaigns where necessary. With a hands-on approach we ensure that at any given moment we can provide live, valuable feedback for our clients.

Strategic Pricing Analysis

For smarter solutions.

We base our pricing feedback off comparable project sales and market trends whilst also taking into account the individual design elements of each project. The resulting pricing recommendations aims at achieving maximum number of sales in the shortest amount of time.

Customer Experience

For building relationships.

We are entirely committed to delivering the highest levels of customer service across every touch point of the purchase process and beyond. We are available, experienced and always prepared to share our knowledge with our customers. This open, honest communication has allowed us to develop powerful, longer term relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

Marketing & Project Branding

For new ideas.

We believe the sales strategy should inform the marketing strategy, not the other way around. We plan and execute meaningful marketing campaigns that stand out in a highly competitive market; positioning the project to optimise reach and maximise revenue. Our marketing team work in collaboration with all project consultants with an aim to deliver quality marketing collateral to increase efficiency and speed to market. We ensure all marketing is targeted to a specific demographic and remains consistent throughout the campaign.

Social Media

A connected community.

We translate integrated sales and marketing strategies into targeted, share-worthy content to get people talking. Posts are relevant to each social media platform. Our content is considered for its sense of purpose and ability to connect with prospective buyers.

Reporting & Feedback

For measurable results.

Live reporting systems, sales performance analytics and regular campaign evaluations give our clients a clear picture of how any particular sale is progressing. Using customised software systems, we provide comprehensive reports and details of prospective purchaser interest to increase performance levels at every opportunity.

Network Partners

An extension of our team.

With established, personal networks, we represent ready markets in South East Asia, mainland China and Hong Kong. Our international partners are an extension of our team. Our network partners have a deep understanding of the cultural, design and regional drivers that influence foreign and local purchasers.

Advisory of Design & Permits

For value added outcomes.

Reviewing architectural plans and product design from the outset is imperative to the success of a project. We analyse planning documentation and permits to ensure our clients are going to market with the right product mix.

Site Acquisition & Analysis

The foundations of success.

We offer our clients the guidance, knowledge and assist with multiple aspects of site acquisition to advise on a sites best use. We identify key locations within emerging markets and provide in depth sales data, demographics, and suitable product typology.